I began oil painting as a hobby in 2010, using photographs as reference and editing and manipulating them in photoshop, before attempting to turn the digital image into a painting.  I continually look to challenge myself and paint whatever subject matter I feel a yearning to do at the time. 

I recently won the BBC Little Painting Challenge, over 16 experienced category, in April 2015.  I appeared on BBC Breakfast television aswell as BBC Merseyside radio and Regional BBC North West Tonight news.  The painting of my 4 month old son is being exhibited at the Whitworth gallery in Manchester until 24th May 2015.  

I am now open to commissions of baby paintings similar to the one I painted for the competition of my son.

I exhibited at a National Lottery funded exhibition in Richmond, North Yorkshire, in 2011, where I sold my work "Feline Feeling".  Since then I have sold a handful of paintings privately.

I have enjoyed painting cats and continue to do so whilst developing my painting style and ideas.  As well as being considered playful and humorous, cats are also regarded as spiritual animals in many cultures.  I like to incorporate both these qualities (humour & spiritualism) in my cat paintings.

I am available for commissions of any kind as I have a wide interest of styles and subject matter and would be particularly interested in any pet portraits, aswell as baby paintings.

Please contact me below if you wish to purchase any paintings or prints, or would like to commission a piece of original art.

Alternatively you can contact me via email: timatthews80@gmail.com

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